Moonchild – Please Rewind

“If this is what neo-soul sounds like, then I would want to listen to it all the time.” Pretty much the first sentence that came through my mind after listening to this trio’s sophomore release,

High Rollers

Producers Dave Sparks and Wodoo Wolcan might have 2 things in common with tennis’ former world No. 1 Roger Federer:  1. They’re Swiss and 2. They like tennis; hence High Rollers’ record cover. (Although I might be somewhat delusional and they’re actually playing badminton, if that would ever be the case.)

Bishouné: Alma del Huila

 To bring forth another Bandcamp goodness, this time we got the New York-based Gabriel Garzon-Montano with his debut release, Bishouné: Alma del Huila.

The Space Captain - Easier

Easier is the debut video single by The Space Capta

Soul Movement Vol. 2

A much anticipated artist and a much anticipated follow up to his Vol. 1, Soul Movement Vol. 2 is the album to marvel at and bask in its glory.


Ah, the good old days when I used to listen to Rhye (truth be told, it was like a 10-11 months ago). Those were the days when I thought no such music would emerge from this lovely country.


What a cool way to end the year with this very fine compilation from the New Zealand collective #Jusayin. Described as being lazy flowing, nasty basement techno-ing, hip-hoping sounds, the collection is an underrated sound that is coming from down under.