Myele Manzanza

The name Myele Manzanza might not sound quite as familiar as his hyped music group Electric Wire Hustle but the New Zealand-based drummer has successfully pinned his reputation as one of the group’

Rivers Of The Red Planet

It’s only been a year since Max Graef stole the spotlight with his debut EP, AM Fenster, released back in 2013. Recently he has just released his movie-like debut LP last week (April 7th), titled Rivers Of The Red Planet.

Anthony Valadez - In Search Of

I didn’t recall having heard the name Anthony Valadez before digging deep into my browser history and found his remix

Brony Love EP

Trian Kayhatu is a relatively unheard of name to beat making and producing. But with his upcoming debut release early next year, the people over at Darker Than Wax decided to release a short EP Brony Love for your previewing pleasure.

Every Little Thing

Something fresh from the Bay Area on this last quarter of the year as B. Bravo gives one smooth tune that makes you want to groove yourself away towards the weekends.

The Precious Lo's

Emerging from behind the producer’s table, the duo Gil Masuda and Nik Timar have taken on a new title under their belts as they joined forces as vocalists and songwriters for their new project The Precious Lo's.

The Internet

It's been on the news for quite some times now and now The Internet is ready to release their 2nd album "Feel Good" from Odd Future Records on September 24th.