N'gaho Ta'quia

Late post alert. Our homie from Tokyo, Japan, Nobu aka Sauce81 released his new album "In The Pocket" under new name N'gaho Ta'quia and the album is filled with dirty fat beat, jazz/funk, and soulful groove.

High Rollers

Producers Dave Sparks and Wodoo Wolcan might have 2 things in common with tennis’ former world No. 1 Roger Federer:  1. They’re Swiss and 2. They like tennis; hence High Rollers’ record cover. (Although I might be somewhat delusional and they’re actually playing badminton, if that would ever be the case.)


K15. Tell me what you think it is. Sounds like an extended version of K-9, that is, before I decided to run a quick search online.

Label Love Vol.6

The sixth installation of Label Love is here and its bundle of eclectic sounds resulted in a lovechild made from the collaboration of label heads of Friends of Friends, Ghostly InternationalInnovative Leisure, Pilot Records, Project: Mooncircle, Soulection, Stones Throw, Tru Thoughts and Wax Poetics.

mfp Goodnws Exclusives

One of our favorite beat producers from Japan, mfp who's now based in Brisbane, Australia, is giving us a track for Goodnws Exclusive giveaway.

Mad-Hop Vol.3

MAD-HOP Vol.3 is an international collection of tracks from world's finest experimental hip-hop based producers and this Vol.3 expands from floaty cosmic waves to bass heavy sounds and abstract glitchy beats.