N'gaho Ta'quia

Late post alert. Our homie from Tokyo, Japan, Nobu aka Sauce81 released his new album "In The Pocket" under new name N'gaho Ta'quia and the album is filled with dirty fat beat, jazz/funk, and soulful groove.


One of our favorite producers from Tokyo, Sauce81 released his newest EP "All In Line/I See It EP", a deep house vibes out from Catune Records.

mfp Goodnws Exclusives

One of our favorite beat producers from Japan, mfp who's now based in Brisbane, Australia, is giving us a track for Goodnws Exclusive giveaway.

Cosmopolyphonic Vol.26

New podcast we all have been waiting for from Cosmopolyphonic family is out and ready to be downloaded for your midnight chill session or any session. For this episode, they had special guest from sunny side California, electronic music wizard, Mike Gao.

Matt Lyne Guestmix

Cosmopolyphonic just started their monthly music podcast in 2012 with special guest mix from Matt Lyne (A Taut Line/Greeen Linez//Diskotopia) for Diskotopia first music compilation.

Exclusive Mixtape by Pepin

We've been following cosmopolyphonic from the day one and now we are excited to let you know about our official partnership between Goodnws x Cosmopolyphonic. As a good faith to our partnership, good people at Cosmopolyphonic made us exclusive mixtape for Goodnws by Pepin.

Deep Sound From Tokyo!!!

I found out about Fujimoto Tetsuro, one of the founders of Cosmopolyphonic around 2 years ago on Absolute!! Sound From Tokyo compilation and now he's dropping his newest EP "Reflections EP" from Bagpak Music.