Roy Ananda

We're happy to announce that Goodnws Records is up and running and we want to introduce Roy Ananda as our first soulful house producer based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Favorite Line (Opolopo Remix)

Our homie from Manila J-Hoon got his track "Favorite Line" from his debut album "Noodles" remixed by one of our favorite funksters Opolopo.

Opolopo Unreleased Track

Ok our favorite modern funk producer from Sweden, Opolopo just dropped his unreleased track on his Soundcloud called "Liquid Time".

Amalia - Making Of

Our favorite modern funk diva, Amalia is back with "Amalia - Making Of", which is a compilation of Amalia's collaboration and featuring works with talented producers from all around world.

Science Of Lazer

We like what we're hearing right now. UK based record label Lazerkru Music will release new EP called "Science Of Lazer" with Andrea Clarke.

The Move

Almost slip on this one. One of many quality compilation series from Tokyo Dawn Record "The Move" (House Edition) is out and it's ready for you to get it.

LifeNotes Sound System

One of our favorite soul singers and multy instrumentalist now based in LA, Erik Rico is back. Together as LifeNotes Sound System, he's giving away "Babylon" for free.