Sleepin Giant – Purple

Lo and behold, the Giant has awoken! Amsterdam based Sleepin Giant (who approximately had a couple years of hibernation before finishing up this sublime LP, lol jk).

Bishouné: Alma del Huila

 To bring forth another Bandcamp goodness, this time we got the New York-based Gabriel Garzon-Montano with his debut release, Bishouné: Alma del Huila.

Kan Sano

Nothing beats the jazz wonders and the magic that is Kan Sano as he presents us with his latest album complete with his otherworldly piano playing that rightfully starts off the year.

Two Syllables Volume Ten

Jumping on The First World Records band wagon of their exploration for the finest of modern soul is definitely a thrust of fresh air to our modern day conundrums of overly produced tracks and techo flavored beats. Two Syllables Volume Ten is another compilation that provides you with smooth and head bopping tracks.

Pasta Groove

Taking the world of deep jazz and beats onto another level, our brother from the Philippines, Pasta Groove a.k.a. Paolo Garcia gave an insurmountable LP filled with nothing short of whimsical melodies and soulful tunes.


From the sounds of Mozambique to the bass touches of Dilla, IAMNOBODI brings us along on a melodic journey through his new release "Elevated".

Knowledgejams Exclusive

It's time of the month again when we selected an artist that we love and give away their music for Goodnws Exclusive. Last month we had Byron The Aquarius with his soulful jazzy track and now, modern funkster producer from UK, Knowledgejams.