Hip Hop

Moonchild – Please Rewind

“If this is what neo-soul sounds like, then I would want to listen to it all the time.” Pretty much the first sentence that came through my mind after listening to this trio’s sophomore release,

Sleepin Giant – Purple

Lo and behold, the Giant has awoken! Amsterdam based Sleepin Giant (who approximately had a couple years of hibernation before finishing up this sublime LP, lol jk).

High Rollers

Producers Dave Sparks and Wodoo Wolcan might have 2 things in common with tennis’ former world No. 1 Roger Federer:  1. They’re Swiss and 2. They like tennis; hence High Rollers’ record cover. (Although I might be somewhat delusional and they’re actually playing badminton, if that would ever be the case.)


K15. Tell me what you think it is. Sounds like an extended version of K-9, that is, before I decided to run a quick search online.

Bassment Syndicate

A shed for another shed, then a gig, an album, tour and so much more. That’s how the guys from Bassment Syndicate move, but they sure didn’t plan things that way.

Raez - Connecting Miles

Cosmonostro presents Raez!


What a cool way to end the year with this very fine compilation from the New Zealand collective #Jusayin. Described as being lazy flowing, nasty basement techno-ing, hip-hoping sounds, the collection is an underrated sound that is coming from down under.