The Soul of Miles Bonny

Miles Bonny has been dubbed “the missing link between D'Angelo and Willie Nelson”. Hailing from Kansas City, Miles Bonny mixes just the right amount of classic, future and alternative Soul. Melt that with his Jazz influences and you arrive at his debut album Lumberjack Soul.

Brownswood Electr*c 2

After successful first compilation of Brownswood Electr*c which came June out last year, Gilles Peterson announced second edition of Brownswood Electr*c 2.

DJ Cam

DJ Cam is French DJ who is one of pioneers of trip hop movement along with DJ Krush on early 90's. His first album was Underground Vibes which at that time around 1994 was revolutionary. His tunes are almost entirely a hybrid of both hip-hop and jazz music, and is presented in an abstract manner.

The Sound of Kez YM

Kazuki Yamaguchi known as Kez YM in year 2008 debuted with "Sweetly Confused EP" on the label from Rotterdam 4lux recordings.

Amalia's Interview

Amalia is soul vocalist based in Stockholm, Sweden. She just recently dropped her solo new album called Art Slave from Tokyo Dawn Records.

Korean Beat Master SIMO and MOOD SCHULA

Heavy weight beat producers from Korea Simo and Mood Schula have been creating a lot of buzz lately with their new EP, Simo & Mood Schula EP.