Pasta Groove

Taking the world of deep jazz and beats onto another level, our brother from the Philippines, Pasta Groove a.k.a. Paolo Garcia gave an insurmountable LP filled with nothing short of whimsical melodies and soulful tunes.


From the sounds of Mozambique to the bass touches of Dilla, IAMNOBODI brings us along on a melodic journey through his new release "Elevated".

Raw Silk Vol.1

Let’s delve into the smoothest modern funk that you will hear this year, compiled by the label Omega Supreme Records.

The Precious Lo's

Emerging from behind the producer’s table, the duo Gil Masuda and Nik Timar have taken on a new title under their belts as they joined forces as vocalists and songwriters for their new project The Precious Lo's.

The Internet

It's been on the news for quite some times now and now The Internet is ready to release their 2nd album "Feel Good" from Odd Future Records on September 24th.

Maputo Dance

We've been diggin' Iamnobody for sometimes now and he'll release his full lenght album "Elevated" from Soulection on October 1st.


One of our favorite producers from Tokyo, Sauce81 released his newest EP "All In Line/I See It EP", a deep house vibes out from Catune Records.