Future Of Funk 3

Finally, our homie at moovmnt has decided to drop their new mix of "Future Of Funk Vol.3" on their Future Of Funk series.

For this mix, our tall white guy Micha aka Mr.Speak from Wicked Jazz together with Nilez personally select and mix for your listening pleasure. 14 tracks in total for Modern Funk experience. Enjoy.

Track list

01 Teeko - Tenshun (You and I are You)
02 Onra - Hold Tight
03 Benedek - That's My Jam! (Benedek's Midnight Cruiser Mix)
04 JtotheC & The Bad Mothas - Sweet Rendez-Vous (Billy Palmier Remix)
05 SoulParlor & Amalia - I Ain't Crazy (Don't Need Ya)
06 Suff Daddy - Take'em To The Kiosk
07 Vanilla - Midnight
08 East Liberty Quarters - Rollin'
09 Maseratay - Never Let You Go
10 Inkswel - Over It Ft. Reggie B
11 First Touch - You Got It Baby
12 Sure Thing - Holding You Tight
13 Kutcorners - Diamond Ft. Curtis Santiago
14 Wagon Cookin - All The Night Ft. Gabriela Smith