Cosmopolyphonic Vol.26

New podcast we all have been waiting for from Cosmopolyphonic family is out and ready to be downloaded for your midnight chill session or any session. For this episode, they had special guest from sunny side California, electronic music wizard, Mike Gao.

40 minutes of blasting beats, electronic bliss, modern funk and bass with lots of Mike Gao's unreleased track in between will satisfied your ear drum. Please, don't be shy with the volume when you bump this mixtape. Enjoy.

Go here to download the mixtape.


01.Mike Gao - Tokimonsta texture
02.Mike Gao - Udon Quixote (unreleased)
03.Gabe Noel x Mike Gao - Lazarus (unreleased Vosotros)
04.Morpheground - Melt Away
05.eLan - I Can't Breathe (50 Weapons Monkeytown)
06.Falcons - Nigeria (original + Bobbytank Remix)
07.Little Dragon - Ritual Union (Sango Remix)
08.Soosh - Missed You Tonight (Bambooman Remix)
09.Hourglass Sea - Memory Eternal
10.Ghost Mutt - Figure You Out
11.Bobby Tank - unreleased
12.Nasty Nasty - Prognosis
13.Royalty - Twilight Fades
14.Jimi James - Bitchin' (Kareem Riggins production)
15.Aaron Evo - trAAFIK One Jazz
16.Whatnauts x Ciera
17.Mike Gao - random ass unreleased beat なまえきめてない
18.D'Bora - No Sense
19.Mike Gao - Bewanderment (Faces EP w/ Daisuke Tanabe)
20.813 - Ultramagnetic Pipirkus
21.Mike Gao - Freaktrap
22.Mike Gao - untitled unreleased なまえきめてない
23.Mike Gao - Youth and Cupid BOVGVEREAV (Sun Shadows)
24.Mike Gao - untitled unreleased なまえきめてない
25.Mike Gao - Don't Fake the Funk ft. Zackey Force Funk/Eddy Funkster (Sun Shadows)
26.Mandroid - Sneeky ((from Eddy Funkster's crates)
27.Mike Gao - Futuristic Wife (Faces EP w/ Daisuke Tanabe)
28.Airforce - Body Data (from Eddy Funkster's crates)
29.Mike Gao & Eddy Funkster Respect the Game (unreleased)
30.eLan - Blackout
31.eLan & Marzio - Cosmic Love
32.Mike Gao - Someone New (Asian)
33.Kendrick Lamar - Riga mortis
34.Darkhouse Family - Snaggletooth (In & Out EP)
35.Ta-ku - Nikki (24)
36.eLan x Mike Gao - Withdrawn
37.Mike Gao & Infinite Potentials - What a Job This Is Remix (Unreleased)